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    February 2015 Download PDF
    With only a few days left a pay any outstanding personal tax, we are having a look at tax payment options as well as considering what actions you can take personally to redude tax liabities.


    August 2014 Download PDF
    We hope you have enjoyed this great summer and starting to taste the fruits of the improved financial environment.

    March 2014 - Chancellors Budget 19 March 2014 Download PDF
    This was George Osborne's fifth Budget, and in many ways his most positive yet.

    March 2014 - Employment & Payroll Update Download PDF
    We have received a lot of enquiries about the new "Employment Allowance" which comes into effect on 6th April 2014, and there seems to be conflicting information coming from different sources. We are also pleased to announce an enhancement to our payroll service.

    March 2014 - Employment & Payroll Update Part 2 Download PDF
    These updates seem to be like London buses: nothing for months on end, then a whole bunch at the same time.

    February 2014 Download PDF
    With only three days left to pay any outstanding personal tax, we are having a look at taxpayment options as well as considering what actions you can take personally to reduce tax liabilities.


    December 2013 - Autumn Statement Update Download PDF
    George Osborne blessed us with his latest words of wisdom on 5th December 2013 in his 2013 Autumn Statement.

    October 2013 - Employment Special Download PDF
    As we begin to see the “green shoots of recovery” in our economy many businesses are starting to grow and our most frequent questions from clients recently relate to engaging new employees.

    September 2013 - Surviving the Economic Upturn Download PDF
    We hope you had a wonderful summer and are now ready and refreshed to take advantage of the anticipated upturn in the UK economy.

    February 2013 - Tax Tips Download PDF
    2013 looks like being a tough year for lots of businesses, and we are already seeing clients suffering as the retail sector, in particular, struggles.


    September 2012 - Tax Tips Download PDF
    The children have gone back to school and the roads are clogged again; the shops are filling up with Christmas Crackers, so it must be time to catch up on tax returns.

    August 2012 - Tax Tips Download PDF
    Finally summer has arrived (even if it is only going to be here a week) and the London 2012 Olympics are upon us so it must be time for another tax update.

    May 2012 - Tax Tips Download PDF
    As we continue to digest the new Budget (and the myriad of changes which have happened to the original Finance Bill), this month we look at the tax implications of cars and other company vehicles.

    April 2012 - Tax Return Tips Download PDF
    A whole new exciting tax year lies ahead of us! Well, maybe not exciting, but there are plenty of challenges and opportunities in the new tax regime.

    March 2012 - Budget Highlights Download PDF
    Key highlights from the budget including personal tax, business tax, stamp duty land tax, VAT and anti-avoidance.

    March 2012 - Tax Tips Download PDF
    The end of the fiscal tax year is upon us all, and we hope you have had a successful one. We have listed below some timely hints to try and keep tax liabilities to a minimum. Whilst some business year-ends are not 31st March or 5th April, many of the points below apply to all business.


    December 2011 - Tax Tips Download PDF
    We hope you have all had a very successful and enjoyable 2011 and are looking forward to some welldeserved rest over the next week or so. Before we all disappear to eat and drink far too much over this festive season, there are a few things to consider and be aware of...

    November 2011 - Party Time Download PDF
    The so-called Festive Season is now upon us, so we thought it was a good time to refresh the rules on the parties which are normally held around this time of year. Having a party is not obligatory, but, even in these troubled economic times, apparently some employers still throw parties for their staff.