……..Season of mists of and mellow fruitfulness.

And Tax Returns

Autumn has most definitely arrived, and our minds are now firmly concentrated on the tax return filing deadline of 31st January 2019.

You might think that filling in a tax return is just like filling in any form: just a pile of numbers to be entered and processed: a little bit of typing and button-pushing and the job is done.

Leggate Associates do things differently.

Our Personal Tax Service ensures that all possible tax reliefs are claimed – Gift Aid, Pension Contributions, EIS, SEIS, VCT, Marriage Allowance and we review the status of Child Benefit, Capital Gains Tax, Non Resident, Non Domicile cases to name but a few – and if we see any opportunities, we tell our clients how they might be able to save tax in the future.

Before any tax return is finalised, we run through a full checklist to make sure our clients are paying the least tax possible.

Case Study:

A new client did not see the value in paying an accountant to complete his tax returns, then relented and requested that we complete his return for 2018.

We found that he had forgotten to restart the family Child Benefit claim: now the family is £1,800 a year better off.

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