Unmarried but have lived with your partner for a long time?

Civil Partnerships – Could you benefit from the changes in legislation?

On 31st December 2019, the law was changed so that the facility to enter into a civil partnership was available to heterosexual couples.

It was introduced to address the imbalance that allowed same-sex couples to choose between civil partnership or marriage, but didn’t give mixed-couples the same choice.

It is estimated that 3.3 million opposite-sex couples are cohabiting in the UK without any formal arrangements, and this is the fastest growing type of family arrangement in the UK.

What is a Civil Partnership?

A civil partnership is a legally recognised relationship between two people.  Those in a civil partnership benefit from the same rights as married couples in terms of tax benefits, pensions and inheritance.

It was introduced in the UK in 2004 to same-sex couples over the age of 16 – at this time same-sex marriage was not yet legal.

Why have a Civil Partnership:

Many couple aren’t comfortable with marriage as a tradition, or feel that the religious aspect of marriage make it the wrong option for them.

With a civil partnership, you do not even have to have a ceremony – just a document to sign.  But in financial terms it could be a big step to protect you and your assets.

Benefits of a Civil Partnership:

  • It will give your relationship legal recognition
  • Any transfer of property will not be subject to inheritance tax during lifetime or death
  • If a civil partner lives in the other’s property and is supported, they can apply for maintenance.
  • If one of the partners earns £11,850 or less, then a proportion of their tax-free personal allowance can be transferred to their partner if a higher earner, reducing their income tax bill.
  • If one partner were to die, the survivor has rights to their state pension fund.
  • Civil partners who die without a valid will have the same rights and legitimate expectations as those in a marriage.

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